Using a Whizzywing editor.

Keyboard controls 

  • Shift+Enter - Insert a line break without a paragraph break
  • CTRL+B - Bold selected text 
  • CTRL+I - Italic selected text 
  • CTRL+- Underline selected text 
  • CTRL+H - Edit the HTML source 
  • CTRL+L - Insert a Link 
  • CTRL+M - Insert an iMage 
  • CTRL+Z - Undo last change
  • CTRL+Spacebar - Remove classes and styles for clean HTML  

Note that the cursor must be in the edit area for the above to work, or you'll get the browser default action (History, Bookmarks, etc.)  

Click and 

Click an image and click << or >> to float it to the left or right. = will remove the float. 

Click a list item (bullet or number) and click >> to indent it, << to unindent it.

Click a text block (paragraph or heading) and click << or >> to justify it to the left or right, = to center it. 


  •  a link - bring up the Link dialogue 
  •  an image - bring up the Image dialogue 
  •  the toolbar - toggle full window: makes the editor fill the current browser window, or restores it back down