Putting Whizzywing on your web page 

If you want to get up and running really quickly with Whizzywing, just add this line into your HTML, before the </head> line:

<script src="http:whizzywing.com/whizzywing.js"></script>

Then for each textarea that you want to become a rich text editor add class="WYSIWYG", for example:

<textarea name="comments" class="WYSIWYG">

If you are already using a class on your textarea, just add a space and "WYSIWYG", for example:

<textarea name="comments" class="myclass WYSIWYG">

That's it.
No need to download or install anything on your website.
But if you want to, you can still Download Whizzywing.

Switch Whizzywing on and off

You can also turn a textarea into an editor - and back again - dynamically with Javascript:
  1. You can turn a textarea into an editor, regardless of it's classname, by calling
    where TA is the textarea, or its "id" (quotes required).
  2. You can revert an editor back to the original textarea by calling
    changes made in the editor will be copied back to the textarea.

Note that any element that contains text can be made into a Whizzywing editor - it does not have to be a textarea, but only textareas support the source code view.