Whizzywing -the small, fast, easy WYSIWYG editor. 

  • Smaller than the titans
     - 17k for core module
     - 7k compressed
  • Dead easy to implement on your website - nothing to upload.
  • Uncluttered - just 9 items on the standard toolbar, yet dozens of functions.
  • Blisteringly Fast - will typically load even before your images have rendered on the page.
  • Rich features:
    • headings 
    • lists
    • blockquotes
    • tables
    • links
    • text-wrapped images
    • bold
    • italic,
    • underline
    • delete
    • sub- and 
    • super-script
  • User friendly - avoids excessive use of coding terms in the user interface (href, vspace, target, etc.)
  • Unobtrusive - the toolbar can be hidden until needed.
  • Sensible output - generates standard, cross-browser HTML, not littered with useless spans or classes.
  • Easy to extend- add your own controls or replace the standard ones using the simple API. Changing the toolbar items.  
  • Translatable.
  • Preserves manual changes to HTML, providing they are valid (e.g. comments)
  • Intelligent styling (applies styling to selected text, or to parent node if whole node selected - you wont end up with lots of font tags or nested spans).
  • Cleans up HTML that has been pasted in.

See how easy it is to put Whizzywing on your web page